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  • Reinforce company’s brand name
  • Unbeaten endorsement of your product range
  • 24/7 availability to all prospect buyers, sellers
  • Safe and effective business transaction                        processing
  • Serving you pool of services which promote               your site

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How does an Ecommerce Design finished at Matic Technology works for you?

Matic Technology has extended its reach in design and development to e-commerce solutions:

Reaching Global Marketing

Improved Marketing

Higher profits

Minimal operational cost

Faster accessibility

Increased visibility over various search engines

Better sales

Customer’s habit tracked

Serving you pool of services which promote your site

The world has recently witnessed growing popularity in online shopping, as a result of which an intensified urge has been noticed in businesses to develop their own ecommerce website, linked to their company’s brand.

We exactly know the techniques of combining quality with affordability, and this is what we have been implementing for every project. Our main focus is at achieving client satisfaction, with this you can stay assured that your thoughts will not only be welcomed and mull over, but a dedicated Ecommerce Web Designer will be at your assistance at every single step of the development to make sure that the outcome is something that you and we both can be massively proud of.

How do we craft Ecommerce websites?

Matic Technology has extended its reach in design and development to e-commerce solutions. With our in house team of highly skilled and professional experts we join together with our clients to deliver ecommerce development that are not only functional but even stylish at the same time. With years of expertise and capability in serving with the recent most solutions, we make certain to understand your needs in order to incorporate with adequate features like inventory management systems and supply chain combined with our best internet marketing strategies, to enhance online transaction processing via shopping cart. The team standing behind Matic Technology not only augment the functionalities in your ecommerce store but our talented ecommerce website designer also ascertain to reflect the ethos of your company in your ecommerce web design.

Exploit this new way of commerce via ecommerce websites. Matic Technology offers solutions to develop best ecommerce websites that has the potential to stagger the prospective growth with sure routes of profitability.

Now, you would be happy as your E-Commerce Website will serve you in all the above things along with ranking and indexing. Search engines would easily track your site and would make it easy to all users in finding you

Answers to Your Questions

How E-commerce Process works?

A Customer lands on the website, shows categories and products that are stored in the eCommerce database. A customer can add items to their cart ,create an account. All information is stored in the database.Once in checkout the Ecommerce platform should now be secure showing a lock symbol and using an SSL certificate. During checkout process, website may use third-party software to get shipping rates. After filling details like credit card number the information is passed to a payment gateway such as PayPal, Stripe etc. Customer’s order is now completed. All sensitive information is saved with the payment method.

What E-commerce refers?

Electronic commerce or internet commerce, means to the buying and selling of products or services online.

The mobile subsequent of e commerce

If you’re running a well established retail merchandise, possibilities are you now have a website gathering orders from your customers and processing them via e commerce. But just as you’ve got used to the rules of the online game, along comes something new that shifts the crossbar: mobile commerce, also known as m commerce. More and more people are going online via Mobile phones, iPads etc. Once we hooked over PCs But now we’re increasingly likely to poke at touchscreen tablets and mobile on regular basis while we lean on bean bag and simultaneously watch TV.

Does eCommerce platform make money?

E-commerce is the fastest growing platform and estimated to reach over $4 trillion in sales in 2020. Company made good profits through e-commerce website because it gave them better margins. The E-commerce platform even closed few retail stores and it saved a lot on operations.

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