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Matic Technology is the organization which focuses mainly on Web Design, Development and Digital Marking. We value for talent and also new thoughts are always welcome. If you’ve something up to the minute, insights, opinions, tips, tricks, etc. and want to share with the world we are here for you.

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Here are content submissions guidelines:

Let’s discuss about the content length – we accept 500 – 2000 words range of content, but if you are thinking, we don’t accept short word range content piece it is wrong. If the content is rich, unique, engaging and contain genuine information for the users then we are always open to all. Please keep in mind we only accept original, rich, unique and related to tech industry content which does not violate any spam activity.

Also, if you are looking for a good fit content writer and want Matic Technology to write on behalf of you, so don’t worry about this. We have enthusiastic content writers who transforms your imagination into words. Our writers are creative and create a magic of words; since we aim to work as “Your Imagination Our Implementation”.

Quick format check:
• The content should be in plain text or in .doc format
• Ensure to have a eye catching title
• Images are accepted in .jpg, .jpeg format
• Zip all images in a folder

Content publishing guidelines:
Share your content piece at  info@matictechnology.com, our editorial proof read the content. Know how the process goes:
• Our editorial proof read the content and judge whether it’s potentially fit to our criteria or not
• Once all the guideline is fulfill we publish your content into our site and share the link with you
• The editorial will collect the team feedback and will get back to you, if there is any major correction is required will suggest you

Matic Technology welcomes all new thoughts from the encouraging writers/authors or guest post and we are happy to serve our platform to share your words to the world. REACH US NOW!

Answers to Your Questions

Is any experience required?
No, you do not need any experience. Only you need to share unique and tech industry based content.
What if my article is not approved?

Content is thoroughly reviewed by our writers and if small correction is required we do it for you, but if something is major we guide you with the suitable recommendation.

How you proofread a content piece?

The content is proofread by going through the several processes by our experienced writers.

How to process the payment?
We process payment via PayPal https://www.paypal.me/matictechnology

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