Have you ever tried skyscraper link building technique in your Off Page activities? I don’t think so; but believe me this method is very useful and give a positive boost to the business. If you are very much serious about getting traffic and good ROI then high quality links is very much important. Let’s talk about the skyscraper link building technique that guarantee the high quality links from every piece of content that you promote.

What is Skyscraper Technique?

The Skyscraper technique is process of finding rich content, making far better content then that, and therefore getting backlinks by connecting to the right audience. That is precisely how skyscraper technique became popular.

The 3 steps of “Skyscraper Link Building Technique” to get high quality links and traffic

Step 1: Find keyword to target 
In the first step of skyscraper technique, you need to find the relevant content with lots of backlinks based on your keywords phrase. A simple Google search of the keyword will result the number of links which will be helpful for you. But, question arises here, how will you know that; in that particular page you get the number of backlinks? In context to this, there are many backlink research tools; with the help of them you can check the number of backlinks. For example; SEO PowerSuite tools, SEO SpyGlass, etc.

Step 2: Create Better Content
After finding out the content, the second step is to create a fresh, unique and rich content. Don’t worry and get frustrated of doing the boring job of writing. I suggest a better idea for this, as you have a links of good ideas, you just have to rewrite it into something new, innovative and quite unique so, the people love it.

While writing the content you don’t have to be very promotional; be precise and provide complete information as per the topic. Add examples, case studies, quotes, etc. whatever the information suits the topic and relevant to the audience.

Step 3: Connect to the Right People
Now, it’s time to outreach the right people and this is the final step of skyscraper link building technique. In this step, you have to email people to publish your content, but I would suggest instead of emailing to single people each time, contact those person who already have linked out to similar content.

Once you have contacted to the right person after considering all the prospects of your niche business requirement. Further, just go ahead by sharing your content to them and further, it get publish.

Now, pull up your socks and wait & watch the effect of skyscraper link building technique. That’s all about the skyscraper link building technique. Follow these 3 steps and get find something great, rewrite to something better and reach to the right audience.