Backlinks play a vital role in the SEO industry and without that business cannot get a higher rank as it has its own importance.

Backlink examination is a procedure that is holding up great to the trial of regularly changing SEO waters. Regardless of wide changes in search engine, search engine optimization, etc.competitor backlink examination is same as it was with numerous SEO specialists helping in getting better rank by competing it competitor.

Google search engine top links, i.e. links those appears in top searches of Google are probably going to have a strong backlink profile. As Google rank those links which has some quality otherwise not. Those sites undoubtedly have fresh and unique content that fulfil the best practice of SEO and other criteria principle. Generally, in any case, it is the solid backlink profile of those pages that move their high rankings.

Now suppose that: What might happen to your site’s rankings if you have same backlink profile as every site or page in search results? It surely can’t hurt to recognise your competitor most helpful backlinks.

Gathering and analyzing backlink data is important to search engine optimization activity as it gives understanding into how and why your competitor are performing well in search results for any given keywords. This backlink data is a success for links that you can utilise and reuse in order to gain traffic into your site. The procedure requires building the correct establishment for your site and utilising the result of your backlink examination to build quality links for your website. Building a quality backlinks implies more than just duplicating  your competitor’s backlink. It additionally means implies exceeding them by including other valuable links utilised by other competitor site. The procedure is moderate and natural, yet it satisfies in a long run.

The very first step you need to do when creating a quality backlinks is to closely monitor the Google’s top search results for the keywords you want to rank. Then collect the best outcomes and run their URLs through a backlink checker.

There are various free and paid backlink checker tool available in internet. These tools result the complete data of backlinks for the given URL. It may also be possible that the results are not similar of ever tool, as they source their information from different databases. To guarantee a comprehensive result, you should combine information from various backlink checker tools. Once the competitor backlink data is collected from your preferred backlinks checker tool, make a comprehensive list by removing the duplicate backlinks data.

After the competitor backlink data is collected the next step is to focus on the quality backlinks, i.e. links those have high PR value (Page Rank). The high PR value link should be on the priority and we target those links for our submission. Further, precede with secondary priority links.

When you have your needed list, now study how your competitors are connected to a specific page. In some cases, a link is created by posting a blog comment; other times they have a guest post. It is through assessing your competitor’s relationships with their connected pages that you can get a idea how to acquire a quality backlink from those sites, as well as build a strong backlinks for SEO.