With over millions of mobile application rolling in various app stores and number of apps getting discovered day by day and grabbing their space in app stores; isn’t it obvious that the app store world is becoming tough and competitive now? The two most important app stores, i.e. Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store plays a vital role in the application industry and featured with millions of mobile application that too of latest technology. However, not everyone of them are marketed well and profound in app store; which step down the others and the best one stand in front. Here we’d like to share most important technique that helps in magnifying the apps in App Store, i.e. App Store Optimization (ASO).

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization is an art and science of optimizing the mobile app to rank higher in the App Store search result. The higher your app perform in the app store searches, the more potential customers reach will receive; further, which lead to more organic traffic in the app store page. The main aim of ASO is to drive more engagement in the app store and to rank in the top position.

ASO techniques will assist you in the following ways:

  • ASO will increase your app visibility
  • App will get more downloads with increasing popularity
  • Stand ahead of your competition
  • Rank for popular keywords
  • Run paid App Install campaigns across search, display and social networks

What is ASO Strategy?

Let’s begin by breaking down the various strategies that can affect your ASO:

  • Keywords – To increase search ranking, it is necessary to identify the relevant keywords with good searches
  • App Title (name) optimization – The keyword included in the title should have high searches
  • App Description – Optimize the app description which include it’s specification
  • Logo – Create an appealing logo of app
  • Screenshots – Add relevant screenshot related to app
  • Video – Add an attractive video of app service
  • App Rating and Reviews generation
  • Backlinks – Create good quality backlinks for app
  • Perform Outside Promotion
  • App Size – Make your app smaller than 150 MB
  • App Localization
  • App Update – Provide app update frequently
  • Monitor keyword ranking regularly

Wrapping up with ASO; it is ongoing processes follow these strategies and your app will surely improve its presence in the App store search results. Once the changes are published keep an eye on the app performance, as the result can be seen right after the changes is published.

With keen optimization and with little trial and error, you’ll soon achieve the good position in App store. If you do not witness a good result after few days of publishing the app as per the ASO strategy; do not give up. Revise the changes, but remember do not revise all the changes at once. Try to make one change at a time and then witness what results is measure; repeat the process. App marketing takes time and app store optimization requires many observations to master.

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